FIV & FeLV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukaemia) FIV cats are much misunderstood. The Virus, which reduces the cat’s immune system, leaves them more vulnerable to other feline infections, but in itself is not life threatening.

FIV positive cats can have, and deserve to have, a long and healthy life. They need careful attention to their general health, and diet, and protection through vaccinations for flu and leukaemia are essential. A properly cared for FIV cat need not have a shortened life expectancy. The effectiveness of all cats immune systems reduce with age. No one would put an elderly cat to sleep so why an FIV cat? This would seem a futile reaction.

FeLV is a more complex virus than FIV, some cats test positive, but are in fact dealing with the virus and can conquer it and return to being negative. For this reason repeated testing is required. For more information about these illnesses please go to or call us for a chat.