Pip and Squeak

Sisters PIP and SQUEAK are now roughly 8 months old and both spayed and chipped. They are from a farm and feral, although I have stroked Squeak but Pip is more flighty. They are looking for a 5* outdoor home where they will be safe and have warm shelter and daily feeding. They will need to be confined for 4 to 6 weeks to ensure they settle in to their new home. They can be homed as a pair (I won’t split them) or if somebody wants more than two they can go with SPUD and SADIE (see separate entry)”
If you are interested in rehoming Pip and Squeak please call Jeanne on 01249 730587


  • Sex:Female
  • Neutered:Yes
  • Suitable for children:Not suitable for children
  • Microchipped:Yes
  • Must be homed together with:as a pair
  • Ready for re-homing now:Yes
  • Suitability:Can live with cats but not dogs