Molly and Polly



Molly and Polly  came into our care after being dumped in a barn. Both were pregnant. Their kittens have all been homed. Being no more than about 1 year old they are not much more than kittens themselves. We think they are sisters as they are almost identical. They have be homed  together as they are inseparable. They even reared each other’s kittens! They are the most sweetest girls you’d ever want to meet and love attention and cuddles. They have been neutered and microchiped.

If you are interested in giving this lovely pair a forever home please call Jo on 07540 995998


  • Sex:Female
  • Neutered:Yes
  • Suitable for children:All children
  • Microchipped:Yes
  • Must be homed together with:together
  • Ready for re-homing now:Yes
  • Approximate age:Under 3 years old
  • Suitability:Best as only pet with no other cats or dogs